What Grants?

So, where are we getting all this money from, and how can we offer it to your organization?

£70,000 per year seems like a LOT of money! And,  you might be concerned about how we can make guarantees of receiving this kind of cash? Well- don’t be concerned!

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Who Are We?

You might be wondering what we actually get up to here at ‘Grants For Charities’ and how we came into being?

Well, let me tell you! Grants for charities is the sister company of ‘Apollo Biz Marketing’ a marketing agency specialising in internet marketing. 

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How it Works

What do we actually do then, here at Grants For Charities?

Well from your point of view if you are a charity or non profit organization, we take care of securing you upwards of £70,000 per year- managing the process fro beginning to end- helping you ensure you get maximum

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